ORA C. Post
July 25, 2014
Hello SPL Ministry Team,

I wanted to thank you all for coming down to Charlotte,NC to hold your annual Singles Conference. It was much need for me and refreshed my spirit and conscious about maintaining my choices. Mrs. and Mr. Adebayo were very genuine and friendly at the conference. They really care about the emotional and mental state of people. The ministry team was so friendly and helpful as well. It is rare for find ministry leaders, staff, and volunteers who really are about educating and training people for everyday life, and not caught up in appearances and performances. I was blessed to be able to attend, and will defiantly travel in the future to make other events. I wish you had chapters in each state!!! It is needed, so please consider this. Thank you so much.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 14, 2014
SPL Women’s Accountability (Testimony)

I joined Womens’ Accountability (WA) a year ago because I entered a significant, and sanctified, relationship in May 2012, and I wanted to be absolutely certain that I “courted” the right way. However, before my first session with WA, we broke up. I then asked myself…”Do I still need this group?” I was not sure, so I decided to stay because I could not answer that question with certainty. I’m so glad I stayed because the answer turned into a definite YES! There was a lot that I needed to learn about managing my emotions after a significant break-up as well as interacting with the “ex” on an on-going basis (in a manner that would please God).

I learned through WA and Monday night Bible Study that the pre-marital dating experience has three levels:
A. The beginning (managing attraction & screening for compatibility)
B. The middle (courting seriously, pre-marital counseling, engagement)
C. The end (two outcomes: marriage or termination)
I entered the SPL Women’s Accountability group at level C- termination. I learned rather quickly that I needed help with this even though I thought I was doing it correctly.
I learned that I was saying the right things like: “This courtship is over…we are over” but my actions were implying something else. I would continue to sit next to his mother in church, visit his relatives in the hospital and at home after discharge, keep phone contact with his mom, and I almost accepted an invitation to her birthday party (but WA stopped me). WA helped me to see that I was keeping the door cracked and giving him hope that he could still court me.
WA gave me an assignment to help me detach properly from my ex-boyfriend. They told me to politely decline his mother’s birthday invitation and to explain to her that our relationship, as we knew it, has ended also. It was harder for me to have that discussion with her than it was to leave the courtship, but I did it. I told her that I would never be her daughter-in-law but I will be her daughter in Christ (she is a beloved mother and evangelist of our church). She did not accept it at first, but I was persistent and she finally received it. The significance of his mother’s presence in my life was very profound since I had so recently lost my own mother (9/11/11). It was easy to love his mother, and it was hard to let go of her and all that she could have been to me through marriage to her son. But WA helped me sort through, and manage, my feelings effectively.

I discovered that the termination process is much like the grieving process. It’s not always neat, it can happen suddenly, and it has no definitive time frame in terms of when the “feelings” will completely neutralize (especially if you must see this person in common places like church and SPL on a regular basis). BUT….the support and knowledge that I gained in this group empowered me, lifted me and reassured me. I love my SPL sisters on a whole ‘nother level now. We have bonded through our commitment to each other and to Christ. We pulled each other through and rejoiced in our victories.
It was my honor to recently give my testimony at the Orientation for the new members of WA 2014. I did not realize how far I’d come until Sis Debbie recognized the growth in me and asked me to share my experiences with WA at the Orientation. I feel like I made the Honor Roll! It is an amazing feeling.
I’m going to stick around another year, God willing, and see what He has in store for all of us. I am strengthened all the more by the testimonies and experiences of my WA sisters. I pray harder for them than I ever could for my own self. Through WA we are changing the world- one sister, one daughter, one mother at a time! (JS)
Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 14, 2014
Sexual and Emotional Purity Testimony

Having been in the Accountability group for approximately two years now, I can truly say that having a team of sisters support and leadership to walk successful in life as a Kingdom single in the area of purity is VITAL!! 3 years ago, having accountability to other people on purpose was not a big part of my life. I say “on purpose” because I had a measure of accountability in my life, but it was more so based on if I desired to open up and share information with others on my own regard, as opposed to me having to “report” or “check-in”. Now with having implemented such behavior as a Purity Plan, checking in, private talks with my leader, and fellowship/conversation with my sisters, I am Godly pleased to say that I have practiced celibacy for 2 years as of January 2014. I couldn’t be more thrilled about it!! ?
Having responsibilities such as this really helps a person like me to consider we are a Body of Christ fitly joined together and that we do have an impact, not just on our own lives, but on the lives of each other. I say “a person like me” because as an only child that has experienced abandonment from parents led me to develop a mentality while growing up and into my young adult years, even after accepting Christ, of just looking out for myself. It was not until greater maturity in Christ that I began to discover the necessity of considering others and “doing my part” on behalf of a family, the Kingdom of God. We have great need of each other to stay the course of righteousness and on target with our path. Christ is preparing for Himself a GLORIOUS church without spot or wrinkle and we need to continually endeavor to do everything and anything it takes to keep our lamps “trimmed and burning” and make His name famous in the Earth.
I am most grateful for the SPL Sexual and Emotional Purity Accountability Group because it has allowed me greater opportunity to give other trusted sisters along with God an invitation to inspect my life and walk with me in the navigation process of purity, holiness, and righteousness. It is most pivotal in a believer’s personal relationship with God that virtue can be drawn from the well of our lives. That we truly progressively become the living epistles (letters) read of all men; a life lived unto God on purpose. I am endeavoring in every way to live that life and am truly grateful for FINALLY ridding my life by faith and grace of the “little foxes” of generational sinful patterns and practices that kept me bound for so many years. I decree that I will never be bound again….I have my liberty and I AM FINALLY FREE!!! Thank you Jesus, God the Father, Holy Spirit, and SPL for your continual support of me living an upgraded life of sexual and emotional purity. I AM EXCITED FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE AND WHAT HE WILL CONTINUE TO DO!! ?(CW)

Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 14, 2014

I didn't know what I was in for when I signed up for the second-year Financial Accountability class. This class was quite different from the first-year class. It tested how committed I was and am to my financial success: Would I really continue to account for expenses on a monthly basis, at the very least? Would I create my spending plan for each month a month in advance? Would I follow my spending plan? Would I do the work and shop around for the best prices for insurance and other needs?

With prayer, accountability and a desire to be a good steward over my finances, I can answer "yes" to these questions. I can also say that I accomplished my goals:

--I increased my giving to ministry efforts.
--I resolved my issues with the IRS.
I paid off $8,000 credit card debt.
--I have saved several hundred dollars towards my parents' anniversary trip in 2014.
--I have a savings that is nearly the equivalent of two month's of salary.
--I sought out and secured car insurance that is less than half the amount I was paying per month.

Also, with the one-on-one help from Tara, I've learned to plan to use my third checks (in a month) wisely. She has also taught me to be serious about requesting reimbursements due me from my employer; every penny counts! These reimbursements helped me to reach my financial goals.

Achieving the goals I set at the beginning of this class was not easy; I had to say "no" to many things like buying clothes, shoes, jewelry and all the fashion I want to indulge in; I've been doing my hair for two years so that I can accomplish my financial goals; I did not take part in travel vacations, etc. I have had to remind myself more times than I can count how these so-called sacrifices would benefit me and my future family in the long-term. I could not afford mentally, emotionally and most of all spiritually to not do without those things the world thinks I should have.

Now is the time for me to get my finances in order; God has given me a second chance by opening my parents' hearts and allowing me to live with them. Little did I know that at the beginning of this class, I would be in a courtship and on the brink of planning a wedding; and soon after its close I would be engaged (as of 12.25.2013). And, I am proud to say that because of the tools and wisdom I've gained from the Financial Accountability course, I will have saved my half of the projected wedding budget by 12.27.2013. To God be the glory!

Also, I've learned firsthand that when my future husband and I get too close, my whole life seems to be negatively impacted including my finances. So, we have had to be very intentional about how we communicate with each other, verbally and physically, in an effort to operate in purity and be at peace with every aspect of our lives.

I am extremely grateful for the Financial Accountability class series. This class has affected me beyond my finances and impacted my life. Thank you, Sister Debbie and Pastor Julius, for being obedient to God and having a heart to see me and other singles live God-successful lives. Thank you, Tara and Adrienne, for your passion to see people in good financial health and for holding me accountable. I look forward to continuing to implement the tools I've learned in Financial Accountability. The sacrifices I've made have led me to paying off debt and preparing for the journey of marriage. (SR)
Webmaster Post
August 28, 2013
Hey Sis Debbie and Bro Julius...

I love your Ministry...God has really used you to bless me and to restore my purity. I became a partner with your Ministry at the beginning of the year. I am now walking into a year of purity and I couldnt be happier. God is so good. He is using me to aid the Holy Spirit in restoring purity to the body of Christ by leading a prayer group for singles every Thursday night. I love how the Lord is using my life to His Glory. I am so grateful for you and the covering I recieve from you by being in parternship with SPL.
Webmaster Post
August 21, 2013
Prior to the Purpose Clinic I had just turned 45 in February. I must admit I was really battling with 45 years old, a little mid-life crisis. As I have never been married, no kids and just really struggling. From December to February I fell into sexual sin - I had been pure for 3 years prior. During this time I was also questioning my purpose. I definitely had not embraced my singleness. I found out about the purpose clinic and I am so glad that I came. My purpose has been confirmed from a calling that I have been running away from for 4 years. MD
Webmaster Post
August 21, 2013
The purpose clinic was such a blessing to my life. It confirmed within my spirit the purpose God has for me. Due to a spirit of rejection I have allowed fear and the fear of rejection to overcome my life and strangle the purpose God called me to. I've realized that the fear of rejection has cause me to hold back. I have not given 100% to anything in my life. I've somehow survived or semi-flourished in this mind set. Where would I be if I had given 100%? I've graduated from college, flourished in my career (semi), given of myself half heartedly and somehow I still have meaningful relationships. I can no longer allow fear to keep me in bondage. The Purpose Clinic has opened my mind to new possibilities. L. Boyd
Carmen S. Post
May 9, 2012
I was in this relationship that I knew in my heart that he wasn't the one for me. But no matter how many times we break up I didn't want to be alone. Until finally I made a decision to try to let go. During that time i prayed in my house crying and I had my computer on at the time and when I got up from the praying. I went to the computer and God himself send me an email and it was from single pleasing the lord. I couldn't believe that they will still have my email on file being that I have never heard of this ministry and I went to one event. But I never pursued to continue going at all. This took place back in 2005. In 2007 was when God lead me back to this ministry when I was crying to him that I didn't want to be alone. That's when the email came in and the title of the conference was how to become marriage material. I knew God was allowing this to happen. When I went I went with another agenda but God said no I have to clean you up. On the Saturday conference I got deliver from lust and God use debbie to pray and the annointing on her broke the bondage of contiune being in the relationship with this individual anymore. I was tore up from the floor up. But God set me free and Debbie told one of the volunteer to tell me inorder for you to stay free you must be under this type of word. I listen to her and I thank God almight that he loves us so much that he doesn't want us tot stay in bondage. I love the word and it has taught me how to value myself and how to love God more and I am waiting on him to bring me my husband. Thank you Lord for Debbie and her husband for being willing vessel to us single people. May the lord continue blessing you with abudance. This ministry has to be discover and I hope that God almight open those door. Praise God
Michelle M. Post
February 15, 2012
My name is Michelle and I have been coming to the Bible classes since 2007. The Valentines Day Party in Tinley Park was one of the first events I went to. I became more of a regular attendee and Partner in 2008 and more active in the ministry (going to more events like the 1st cruise, making friends, getting to know Sis Debbie and Pastor Julius, etc) in 2009. God has used Singles Pleasing the Lord to help me deal with the spirit of lust, anger, bitterness and disappointment (disappointment with men and women) in a Godly manner. God has used Singles Pleasing the Lord to help me know more that singleness is a gift to be treasured and not trashed. Prior to me coming to SPL, God led me to 1st Corinthians where Paul tells us that being single is a gift (1 Cor 7:7), I just needed this be reinforced into me more on a regular basis with practical teaching, thus SPL was brought into my life. I am still walking out my soul salvation, my purpose & destiny and singleness but I have come a long way.
God has brought men and women into my life who are my friends and brother/sister in Christ and it is has been a blessing. I always say I am "pro-woman" lol..and I needed true, Godly female friends in my life who were going to love Michelle, flaws and all, who were like minded with me and who I could be transparent with me & they with me and no ridiculing along with it... thus SPL was brought into my life. :-) Sometimes I amusingly think I needed true female friends more than a husband! lol. God has definitely blessed me in that area and I am sharing in one of my SPL's friend's wedding as one of her bridesmaids. BTW...She met him thru SPL..wink wink :) God does put men & women together thru SPL as HE sees fit!

Because of God, the Ministry, Pastor Julius and Sis Debbie (who I love dearly! :-)), I have been confident to step out more in the gift of intercession for others and not worry if a man will think I am "too deep", I am apart of the Women's Accountability Group which focuses on dealing with lust and emotional issues, I am apart of the Financial Accountability group to help me get my finances in order, I help with the Helps Ministry and I am a Leader in the Outreach Leadership Team Ministry. I love it! It fulfils me!

I felt the need to post a testimony tonight because I went to the Valentine's Tuesday event last night at the Best Western Hillside. I was determined not to let the enemy have his way in my mind and emotions like he did last year, however I could feel a slight burden try to come over me as I prepared to go the event. I wasn't moping throughout the day, but I could feel that spirit lingering over me. I jokingly said to my mother that I wanted my father to get me something, candy, a lil gift, anything for Valentine's Day. My father is ole school so I really knew it wasn't gonna happen but I kinda wanted it. I prepared for the event but I didn't want to dress in any "Valentine colors" such as red or pink (colors I love) and I didn't feel up to any games (normally I LOVE games and socializing so deep down I knew it was the enemy). I just knew I needed to get out of the house and I needed a Word from the Lord thru Sis Debbie and Pastor Julius. Well anyway, before the Word was brought forth, I was called up by Sis Debbie to play musical chairs, her favorite game..lol. I barely wanted to go up there but I obeyed the Woman of God. It was so much fun! :-) I met some nice people from another ministry who joined us and one of the women recognized me from the successful Single Parents Workshop that the Leadership Team did Dec 2011. Also, I WON the game and received Valentine candy as a gift!!! HALLELUJAH! LOOK AT GOD! LOOK AT WHAT MY HEAVENLY FATHER DID FOR ME! I am not so much rejoicing at the candy but what it represents. God knew I wanted a gift for Valentine's Day even if I didn't fully acknowledge it myself and He granted that request. It may have seemed small to others and I sort of thought it was a small want that I should not make a big deal about but the enemy has a way to try to magnify something "small". God didn't allow the enemy to do it! He is so faithful and thoughtful! I took a picture of the box of candy and have the picture in phone to remind me of God's faithfulness if/when the enemy tries to come in like a flood. The box of candy is symbolic to me. I think about Sis Debbie's testimony about when she wanted flowers before she started courting Pastor Julius and her church presented her with flowers. God knows just how to do things and we dont have to compromise His standards to get what God has for us! He reminded me of that. I love Jesus so!! I am encouraged even more, I am excited about God's plans for me, how He is working in my life thru SPL and this is making me want run on for Him even more!

Peace and Blessings!

Michelle McGee
Scarlett M. Post
December 27, 2011
Just wanted to let Mrs. Adebayo know how much I enjoy her straight talk in ministering the Word of God! I am married but really benefit from the anointed ministry of the Word. It's very easy to listen and understand what you're communitcating. Thank you so much for just being you and allowing the Lord to use you mightily. You're doing an awesome work. Scarlett
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