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November 25, 2010
Dr. Debbie
I want to share how God got my house to me. I say got my house to me because I took one look at it(it being newly being built) and said within myself "I don't like that brick". Well Let me tell you I now realize that it's not in the package and if I had not allowed God to do it His way I would have missed out on some of His greatest blessings; joy (that's huge!) peace, contentment, satisfaction, to name a few. And if God can supply my needs in a home which is material I believe He can supply my needs in a man which is spiritual. Please allow God to do it His Way in your searching because it's in the content. May God get the glory from your living singleness and mine. Happy Thanksgiving!
Christine H. Post
November 21, 2010
Dear Mrs. Debbie Adebayo:

I have been contemplating writing my testimony for a while. As my second anniversary for being celibate approaches (Thanksgiving weekend), I am pondering the changes God has made in my life. I was introduced to SPL through the cruise during 2009. Although I’ve never watched your ministry on television or attended a meeting, I heard about the cruise from someone who was trying to get me to celebrate purity month. I laughed at the email because I had felt only virgins and those who never had an orgasm could go without sex for a long period of time. But going on a cruise would be fun so I signed up to go. I figured if I didn’t like what the ministry was talking about, at least I should be safe going solo because it was a Christian cruise.

Once I was on the cruise, although I was skeptical of the teachings, I was interested in learning what it was all about. I have been feeling guilty for a little over a year about having premarital sex. I had even tried talking to my pastor at the time about trying to stop. Instead of helping me, he was focused on me getting back in the choir. I felt like a hypocrite singing in the choir and singing solos. So needless to say, I left that church. If the pastor couldn’t offer me spiritual guidance then I needed to go back to where I could get spiritual guidance.

Well, prior to going to the cruise I had tried not having sex my boyfriend on several occasions but I just couldn’t do it. During Thanksgiving service of 2008, I made a vow to God for the hundredth time to stop having premarital sex. At the New Year’s Eve service God showed me that I had to break up with my boyfriend if I wanted what God has for me (I want to be married again). Well, it hurt but I did it. He was still calling and I was thinking about getting back with him. This was my mindset before the cruise.

Any-who, I am at the cruise, not sure what to expect. Listening to the ladies testimony of how SPL had blessed them gave me hope in actually keeping my vow to God. On the last day I asked Minister Karen to pray for God to deliver me from lust and to give me the strength to stay away from my ex-boyfriend. I had left the cruise feeling that God could give me the strength to maintain my purity.

While waiting for my plane, I was getting fearful about going back to the real world. I asked God if He could give me one more day with Him before I had went back home. Well my flight was over booked and I volunteered my seat. God blessed me with a king size suite in a hotel and a voucher for another flight. This might sound minute to some but I knew this was God giving me the desire of my heart. I also feel that God was showing me how much He loves me and that He will take care of me.

I am not going to pretend like it was easy not going back to my ex-boyfriend. He was calling often and even mentioned getting married. Now this man is a single, childfree, white collar, degree-having, 6’ 3, and fine. We never argued and had plenty in common. However, he could not understand waiting to get married to have sex. He goes to church and believes that Jesus is lord. But like many, he feels that God understands that we need to have sex.

A month after the cruise I was starting to feel weak. Listening to people being pure for four or more years scared me and made me feel like I would not be able to last that long. What helped me was the Women’s retreat for “Women who Love sex and Jesus, too”. I truly believe if I did not attend this retreat and joined the accountability group, I would have gone back to my ex-boyfriend. That retreat showed me my worth and how to set up boundaries when dating.

God has done so much but to tell it all will make this a novel instead of a letter. I still can’t believe that it has been two years. It truly has been God. I am looking forward to celebrating my deliverance on the cruise. I praise God everyday for your ministry. Keep me in your prayers as you are in mine.


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November 14, 2010
Dr. Debbie I am one that recently attended your indianapolis meeting and I am one who did not know that sex was not for me until my dear friend shared with me the word of God on the matter. At first I was a little resistant after being in that mindset for years but as she kept on giving me Gods word and I thank God for her, I began to see it differently and abandoned my past behavior. I now know why confusion was present in dealing with the opposite sex. You become easy prey in that you are not able to make clear,rational and good for you decisions and it's because you are living in a disobedient to God lifestyle. I had already begun to repent before hearing your word but afterward I know certainly that is in order.
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September 16, 2010
WOW!A must attend event for any single. Singles pleasing the Lord came to Indy Labor Day weekend and what a great way to spend the holiday...being renewed and refreshed! Praise God for Pastor Debbie for her transparency. I debated if I should go to the event because I had not heard of the ministry so I prayed and asked God ok if it's meant for me to go I ask you will provide the resources (gas money because I lived on the other side of town) and sure enough when I got home there was a $25 gas gift card...that was my confirmation. I needed to be there! As soon as I got there on Friday night I knew the Holy Spirit was present and this is what I needed to help me through the anger, resentment, and even bitterness I was feeling from a previous breakup. The conference brought healing, enlightment, and deliverance!! Thank you Jesus. I'm always prayerful about conferences I attend because I want to know #1 it's God sent and #2 it's for me. I'm so glad God directed me to this conference. Every church needs to request this ministry to attend their singles conference because she talks about some things the church doesn't want to bring up. Although the church I belong to brings up the topics she discussed one Sunday morning service or bible study does not allot the time to discuss, in depth, the topics she covered. Thank you Singles pleasing the Lord for sharing your testimonies with us, your gifts, and we hope to see you in Indy again Soon! I will attend again. God Bless you all!
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September 6, 2010
I am so grateful that SPL came to Indy Labor weekend. I heard about SPL about 3 years ago via the web on 1390. Thats when I signed up to get the newsletters, email updates and later on facebook so I could continue to get as much information about SPL. It has been my desire to attend the conferences, however, do to other committments, my schedule would not allow me to go. So, when I found out about the Indy conference, I was overwhelmed with joy.

The conference was wonderful. I feel like a new person. It was the healing I needed in my life. I now know what has kept me bound - that spirit of rejection! Thank you so much for educating us through your testimony.

I look forward to SPL coming back to Indy for more events.

Much Love & Many Blessings.
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September 6, 2010
What a blessing Singles Pleasing the Lord has been in my life! I recently attended the Labor Day weekend conference in Indianapolis, IN. I will admit that I was skeptical about attending this conference after hearing their advertisement on AM1310 The Light—so much so that I tried talking myself out of going multiple times. But, I felt the Holy Spirit tugging at my heart telling me that I needed to attend this event. I am single, never married, and have no children, yet I greatly desire to be married to a wonderful man God has chosen for me and to have kids someday, too. I felt in my mind that up to this point I have been doing everything I am supposed to do to prepare for my future mate (working on completing my professional degree, getting my finances in order, taking care of my body physically, etc.) Little did I know there was still a major work God has to do to me in order to prepare me for my future husband.

Dr. Adebayo’s teachings during this conference truly touched me deeply in a way no other pastor, friend or family member has been able to do. She understands that single Christian adults in the 21st century have VERY SPECIAL needs—needs that cannot simply be addressed during a few minutes in a sermon on Sunday morning. I felt she truly understood the myriad of emotions I have been experiencing as a Christian single. I have been seeking God’s healing from left over feelings of loneliness, rejection, and bitterness from my past relationship. Dr. Adebayo’s teachings dug deep to get at the core of these issues we have all faced at one point in time or another. Throughout the conference it was evident that Dr. Adebayo and her husband have a sincere vested interest in the growth and development of Christian single adults in our “season of singleness” as she would call it.

I am still a work in progress, but after attending this conference I feel I have been renewed. I used to tell myself I HATED being single and was counting down the days until I could ditch the single scene and be married. But, now I came to terms with the fact that I need to embrace my season of singleness, that God does in fact have a purpose and destiny for my life. But in the meantime I need to listen and be obedient to the Lord in order for Him to bring me to my future blessing. I also started reading her book “Are You Marriage Material?” I am only two chapters in and I am hooked. It’s like she had me in mind when she wrote the book. If you are single and struggling with your singleness as you wait on God to bring you your mate, I encourage you to get connected with Singles Pleasing the Lord. I thank God for Dr. Adebayo and her husband. I thank God for the Singles Pleasing the Lord ministry. I am looking forward to attending more events in the near future! God bless!
Re'Nita O. Post
September 4, 2010
The singles who attended the Singles Pleasing the Lord Ministry in Indianapolis, IN will never be the same. What a life-changing teaching on living this single life victoriously by loving and pleasing God first. Thank you and please return soon!
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June 9, 2010
"If a man wants to fornicate with you, he is not ready for you." Praise God! I heard these powerful words from one of the messages from the Singles Pleasing the Lord Ministry and it changed my life for the better. I began to 'see' with God's perspective and honor my body as The Temple of God. I will neither defile my body with my thoughts or actions, nor allow a man to defile my body. If he wants me, he must first seek God and if it is God's will, he and I will meet at the altar. I no longer believe in pre-martial sex. Thank you and God bless you!!!
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