Anonymous Anonymous Post
November 4, 2011
I once prayed for God to send me a man. I was very specific about what this man should be like and I definitely asked that this man have a heart for God and the very next day I met a man. I had been married and was divorced and for 6 years,I was celebate. So I met a man and we began talking just general things and my first thought was that God had surely answered my prayer that quick.After being friends with this man, we began dating and my feelings for him increased.After a time, I noticed he never said anything about God and so I asked him view about God and his answer was so negative that instantly I knew that God did not send me this man and also know that God is not the only one that hears my prayers, so does the enemy and that was one of his tricks for me and I slipped and fell into a sexual relationship even after knowing this man had no relationship with God and he didn't want one but by that time, my heart was caught up in the moment and I continue to be in this sinful sexual relationship that was going nowhere.I began to feel really remorseful about what I was doing and the Holy Spirit was always trying to make me see the errors of my ways and to let me know God was not pleased and I finally got to a point where I would actually beat myself up for my sin and when I snapped out of my trance, I cried and prayed and confessed my ugliness to God and begged for forgiveness and by that time, I did not even like this man and had to take a really close look at myself as to why I allowed myself to be attacked by the enemy in that way when I always knew God answers my prayers when He feels like it.So lesson learned here is that when God gives me anything I can know that it is from Him because there will be no flaws and that me being His daughter, He will give me His best and there will be no need for me to doubt and question whether my prayer was answered, I will know and feel confident that God has the best for me.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
September 4, 2011
A female friend on mine in Bloomington Indiana who I know has had a real problem staying away from sex and meeting men on the Internet for sex recently told me about this website and her curiosity about finding out what it's all about. I personally am glad she is seeking help from such a ministry as this, because I've known her for at least ten years and have seen and listened to her struggles with sex. We are both born and raised in the Pentecostal church and participate in music ministry with pastoring fathers. At one period of time we were having sex right after a good service, then she moved away and we began phone sex (while finding other partners) Now, I'm glad she seems to want to change her lifestyle toward God more seriously, as she is approaching 40 and wanting to have a family I hope and pray this ministry will help my Indiana friend.... she deserves the best God has for her.

Male in California
Teneko J. Post
August 25, 2011
On August 27 2009, I got totally serious about my walk with God. On this day God gave me the strength and courage needed to end the affair I was having with a married man (I was married at the time too), pack up my things and move from NC back to IL. Since that day in 2009, I have remained celebate, and will contiune to do so until I remarry. Please join me in praising God for holiness, and His strength. Never would have made it without Him!
Chatel C. Post
August 3, 2011
It was just in March of this year (2011) that I was completely delivered from lust & my sexual desires at a Women in Waiting Conference. Since then I no longer have even the slightest desire nor even think about sex anymore. But I was the same one on last year sitting in an SPL conference looking at other women give their testimonies about how God has helped them maintain their purity. I simply didn't believe that God would do the same for me because this was something I liked to do. But here I am and can honestly say, I know I've been delivered because that DESIRE has went away. Now that I think of it...everyday that goes by I have not thought about sex. WOW! I actually forgot until now how much God has transformed my mind as I look back now. People think it's all so simple, but that explains why you keep getting your heart hurt and/or yourself into situations that you know you shouldn't have gotten in anyway. Some women are so darn DESPERATE that they feel they need to bend a little and/or a lot and unfortunately some will never get to experience God's best. I want God's best. I'm tired of settling for trash when I can have a treasure. People don't want to do it God's way. I mean truly we're not hearing the church preach about sanctified dating and I thank God for SPL & its teachings because we will be more prepared and not fall into the enemies traps in terms of relationships."

I truly wish I could post this on facebook because "those" particular people need to know what SPL has truly done in my life before they comment about things they have not come to understand.

Chatel Chase
-Delivered and Set free from Lust & Sexual Desires
Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 7, 2011

The Women In Waiting conference convicted me so strongly. The anointing of God was heavy on that conference! My favorite part was seeing the "Kingdom Organization Chart" on projector screen with God as the CEO, me as the Manager/Director, and Body, Emotions, Purpose, Money and Relationships as my subordinates to plan, direct, control, correct and modify.

The visual of that organization chart is implanted indelibly on my brain. It has lit a fire under me to improve how I've been managing the life God has blessed me with. For I was bought with a price and Jesus paid too much for me to mismanage life.

Because of the Women In Waiting conference I recognize and accept that I AM A KINGDOM MANAGER! And with the help of the Holy Spirit I WILL be ready with a good report for my final productivity meeting (judgment day) with God, The CEO. ;-)

Praise God for Singles Pleasing The Lord Ministries and the anointed teachings of Pastor Julius and Debbie Adebayo!!! May God continue to bless their commitment to ministering to singles in God's Kingdom.
Karen G. Post
February 16, 2011
I am so grateful for the Singles Pleasing the Lord Ministry because I had the opportunity to receive information that was useful to me as a single woman and as a single parent. I am a living testimony that God is faithful if you remain obedient to his Word. I was single for over 21 years and I always desired to have a mate. Over the years I watched many of my friends get married and I begin to wonder if marriage was in God's plan for my life. Through my frustration and allowing the enenmy to send a mind set of discouragement I tried to move the hand of God by dating men who were not beileivers. As a result my of disobedience and lack of faith I became a single mother. Through this experience I began to realize the importance of waiting on God's timing and developing a close relationship with the Lord. I am glad to say that in 2010 I was blessed to be married to a wonderful man, who has been walking with the Lord for many years. I had no idea that the Lord would allow our paths to cross after all the years of attending the same church and being a Sunday School teacher to his children. I will never forget the words of Debbie "God wants to choose your mate and He has a time for you to be married". Just like God answered the prayer of Abraham's servant when petitioning the Lord for a wife for Isaac. He did the same thing for me! Thank you for your prayers, teaching, and sharing your experiences of what God can do in the lives of His people. Please continue the work of the Lord, people are being blessed by your anointed work!
Zelda E. Post
February 15, 2011
Praise the Lord!Several years ago I fell into sexual sin after my divorce. After being saved for many, many years and being in ministry. I was devastated by my actions. I had attended a Monday night bible study with SPL before and knew I needed to get there again for prayer for deliverance. I was able to receive prayer from Minister Adebayo and I thank God for her. I have since been free from that situation and back living the proper celibate life of a believer.It has now been 3 years.Thank you God for SPL Ministry and Min. Debbie Adebayo.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
February 15, 2011
Praise God for the ministry of Singles Pleasing the Lord and to the extension of this ministry's sphere of influence! I pray that God will continue to bless your ministry and His people served by your ministry abundantly all for God's glory! Hopefully, now SPL is national, maybe the opportunity for more SPL events in the Northern part of the Chicago metro area may also be blessed. God bless the Adebayo family and Singles Pleasing the Lord Ministry!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
February 4, 2011
Hi Mrs. Debbie

I'm so blessed that the LORD directed me to your website. I was searching for something else, but came across yours. I love your teaching you give to us singles. Im a single 29 year old female from Alabama, and truly you are a blessing in my life. You tell it is down to the nity grity...that's what I like. I pray GOD blessing continue to overflow in your life for following GODS plan he had for you to start this ministry. Keep on keeping on. Love you
Trenee D. I. Post
December 8, 2010
Awesome! Wonderful! Thank God for Mrs. Debbie Holy Spirit filled teachings!.Im so excited and thankful that God has lead me to SPL Ministry. I'm telling you, God will use any avenue to get you what you need. I'm a single, 28yr old african american female from Lancaster, South Carolina. And I was searching on You-tube about natural hair care. I came to LALanguage channel and she had a video called Purity Party. I kept overlooking the video and finally decided to watch. Since that day my life has drastically changed. She spoke about SPL ministry and about being pure, so I decided to look up SPL website on the internet. After listening to Mrs. Debbie messages she had posted, my spirit was stirred up and I ordered like $300 worth of material. SPL has been such a blessing to me. I'm a member of a wonderful church in NC, but there wasnt really any word that meet the needs that I was struggling with as a single adult. I had been struggling with all kinds of sexual temptations esp. having lustful thoughts. I just needed someone who would be real and straight up with me and Mrs. Debbie goes there with you. Her realness and transparency is so refreshing and needed in the body of Christ. I have never heard teaching like this before. For those of you who are struggling as a single, SPL is the ministry that will definitely help you. Mrs Debbie messages touch on many topics such as being single, loneliness, money, sex, temptation etc. I highly recommend her teachings to anyone who is serious about being a single that is pleasing to the Lord. Let me warn you there is shock value with her messages but it is well needed. She will cut you but if youre tired of the lifestyle youre living, you will appreciate it. Mrs. Debbie I pray that you continue steadfast in this type of preaching, because it's a much needed word for the body of Christ. I pray that God takes this ministry world wide. God I ask that you protect her, her family, and ministry. Continue to strenthen this part of the body. God Bless you! Grace, Peace and Love be multiplied to you! Thanks so much!
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