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What Are You Expecting For Your Obedience?

Some people obey God's commands.  Others view God's commands as options and choices and don't believe they have to be adhered to.  Others believe they are outdated and not applicable to modern day living.  If you happen to be one of those people that has made the quality decision to obey the commands of God, what are your expectations for doing so?  Do you obey God with a specific blessing that you desire for your obedience?
The Word of God is filled with promises that obedient life styles bring the blessing of God.  Take for example:
Isaiah 1:19:  If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good things of the land;
Deuteronomy 28:2:  You will experience all these blessings if you obey the LORD your God:
Job 36:11:  If they obey and serve him, they will spend the rest of their days in prosperity and their years in contentment.
Some people have read these promises and become very specific about what they believe they are going to get as a result of their obedience.  I know single adults that believe because they are obedient to the command to stop fornicating that God is automatically going to give them their marriage partner.  After a period of time of obedience and the marriage partner does not arrive, they become very frustrated and even angry with God.
It is very dangerous to obey God for a specific blessing.  I refer to this belief as a "false sense of entitlement."  A false sense of entitlement is an incorrect feeling or belief that you deserve to be given something because of your actions. 
God has prearranged an awesome and detailed plan for your life marked by His goodness according to Ephesians 2:10.  It is that plan that God is committed to manifesting in your life.  However you can not dictate the plan you want for your life because you obey God's commands.  Obedience to God will position you for His plan. Obedience to God will protect you from self-destruction and the enemy's plan for your life.  But you cannot expect God to do exactly what you want and when you want it because you obey Him. 
When you begin to focus on what you believe you are entitled to because you are obedient, you loose focus on what God has planned for you. What God has planned for you is so much better than anything you could plan for yourself.
The Word of God says the motive for obedience to the Lord should be love.  "If you love me, keep my commands."  (John 14:15)  Learn to obey God not for what you can get from Him.  Obey God because you love Him and permit Him to bless you according to the amazing plan He has already developed for your life.
 "Whoever knows and obeys my commandments is the person who loves me. Those who love me will have my Father's love, and I, too, will love them and show myself to them."  (John 14:21)



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