Relationship Clinic

Singles Pleasing The Lord is very concerned about serious dating singles and engaged couples.  To support these couples we offer a Relationship Clinic.  The purpose of the  Relationship Clinic is to:
During the Relationship Clinic there will be questions that leave you uneasy.  The Clinic will provide a safe venue for the couple to ask tough questions.  This will force you to honestly face whether this relationship is God's will for you.   Studies have found that too many couples failed to ask tough questions.  Studies also showed that couples paid dearly the agonizing price for their failure to ask tough questions

During the Relationship Clinic we talk about things you never dreamed you would discuss, BUT you always knew you should discuss.  This will  allow you to anticipate issues ahead of time, instead of being caught off guard after engaged or even worse after marriage.

The Relationship Clinic will  help you come to a honest decision about whether God is really calling you together.

The Relationship Clinic will create a venue to hold couples accountable to maintaining sexual purity before marriage
Both people must participate in the Relationship Clinic.  If you would like to participate in an upcoming Relationship Clinic or find out additional details please email us at or call us at 630 513-0038.

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