I am a single man who was surfing the web for information on a certain topic.  While surfing, a pornography site solicitation popped up on my computer screen.  Curious as to what the site contained I decided to click on the site and check it out.  I was amazed to find a vivid scene of sexual intercourse that was extremely arousing.  I watched for a short time and then I clicked off.  I discovered that after viewing the site I could not get rid of the mental images I viewed on the site and even worst I find myself going back to the site once or twice a week.  What can I do to break free from this?  I had no idea one innocent look would be so damaging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sanctified Solution
Internet pornography can be highly addictive. Easily it can become a regular habit pattern   marked by compulsive behavior that drives you.  If that describes your behavior, demons may have entered your life and established strongholds.  Demons can enter through your eyes, ears, mind, or body through repeated acts of sin.  Deliverance ministry is essential if you are going to be free once this has occurred. 

So, the first thing you must assess is whether you need deliverance because your innocent curiosity has landed you an addiction.  If you believe you have become addicted, and if you understand your authority in Christ Jesus, you must call upon the Name of Jesus for your deliverance and command the spirits oppressing your life to leave you, by saying: "Demons come out in Jesus Name." If you do not understand your authority in Christ Jesus, you must go to a Pastor or other Christian who does, so that you can receive your deliverance.

Once delivered, you must stay delivered by living under the Lordship of Jesus and giving the devil no place in your life.  This involves:

o       Daily prayer and Bible study with fasting

o       Faithful church attendance

o       Staying filled with the Holy Spirit

o       Resisting the devil and temptation with

§         The spoken Word of God

§         The Blood of Jesus

§         The Name of Jesus

James 4:7 says that when you submit yourself to God and resist the devil he will flee. 

If your viewing of pornography is not an addiction, then you need to immediately begin to exact discipline over yourself to prevent it from becoming an addiction and once you receive deliverance you still must exact discipline.  However, without deliverance, if you are addicted, the discipline will not be effective.  The discipline you should exact includes: 

Disconnect from the Internet or if need be get rid of the computer!  If you are a single adult living alone and you cannot avoid the temptation to view pornography it would be better to just get rid of the computer.  Jesus prescribed radical advice saying that if your hand, foot or eye causes you to sin, get rid of it!  If you can't disconnect, try fasting from the Internet 30-90 days.

Ask a friend to provide accountability.  Share your struggle with a prayer-partner or close friend who will provide accountability for you.  Tell that person to ask you at anytime how you are doing and be honest if you have fallen so that they can pray with you.

Use a filtering system or clean Internet provider. 

Also, get what you need and get off the web. Searching the web when you're 'just killing time' is a big mistake. "Idleness is the devil's workshop!"

Stay off the web late at night when fatigue makes you vulnerable to temptation!   A tired body is a tempted body.

Fortify and purify your computer and workspace.  Be creative by placing scripture on your screen saver; it may pertain specifically to sexual temptation.

Have your accountability partner randomly or regularly check e-mail transmissions and web history.


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