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Sex, The Christian Single Man and the Seductive Woman

By Debbie Powell
Tells single men how to deal with seductive woman


In Gen. 39, we have a Christian single man, Joseph. The Bible says in Gen 39:6 Joseph was handsome in form and appearance.   Potiphar was Joseph's boss and God had given Joseph awesome favor with his boss.  Potiphar's wife had also noticed Joseph in particular his looks and body.  The Bible says in Gen.39:7 that she cast longing eyes on Joseph.  Whenever she would she Joseph she would allow her eyes to gaze on his physique.  Everything she found physically appealing about a man she found in Joseph and day after day she observed this until finally her observation created a lustful desire to have sex with him and commit adultery.  The first time she approached Joseph, he explained to her that he could not do that and he gave two reasons.  The first reason was he could not betray his boss's confidence.  I think he thought that if he said that to her, her loyalty to her husband would cause her to realize what she wanted to do would not be right.  But her gazing on Joseph's physical appeal had created a lust that over powered any loyalty and commitment she had to her husband.  The other reason he gave her that I believe controlled Joseph's decision to not succumb to her appeal for a sexual encounter is his God would view it as wickedness.  Joseph had a love for God that would not permit him to engage in evil and this love was developed to the point that it controlled his actions


Potiphar's wife however was an extremely lustful and determined woman and she had fed her lust by a continual gaze on the object of her lust Joseph and so one no from Joseph did not stop her.  She wanted him desperately and so she continued to pursue him day after day, after day.  He continued to turn her down and that made her want him more.


One day she found Joseph in an unguarded and unprotected situation.  Gen. 39: 11-12 says:  "But it happened about this time, when Joseph went into the house to do his work, and none of the men of the house was inside,  12.  that she caught him by his garment, saying, "Lie with me.''  Filled with burning passion and desire for this single man she took full advantage of the fact that he had permitted himself to be alone with her and she grabbed him asking once again for him to have sex with her.  Joseph recognized that reasoning with this woman and telling her no was not going to work in this situation.  They had made body to body contact and he knew the only way out of this situation so he did not succumb to her pass was to run.  Joseph was a strong man and he loved Jesus, but he knew his limitations.  Her out of control flesh was passionately pressing against his body crying out for sex and to keep from giving in he ran.  Being not only a lustful and seductive woman, she was also vindictive and realized that if she could not have him, she was going to make him pay.  So she falsely accused him of raping her and had him thrown in jail.    Joseph suffered immensely for saying no, but he knew there was suffering greater than being in prison falsely accused and that was sinning against almighty God by committing adultery.  Once again this action proved Joseph hated sin and loved righteousness.


Let us now dissect from this story the relevancy for today's single adult. 


v     Prolonged gazing at physical attributes of attractive men or women can create lustful desires.  I did not say you could not appreciate the beauty or physique God has blessed a person with.  I do it.  But to gaze on it for prolonged periods of time is deadly.  I have seen a nice looking guy and it is obvious he has been working out and taking care of his body and I have been known to admire his physique.  However if I ever permit by glance of admiration to turn in a gaze of lust I have crossed the line.


v     You can not reason with a seductive women.  You cannot engage in what you believe are platonic friendships with seductive women.  Don't fool yourself into believing you can handle her.  Her motivation and her determined will is to lead you into sexual immorality.  She may just want you for sex, but she may also want you for money, power, control or destruction. 


v     Wisdom dictates that a man or woman should never permit themselves to be in situations where they are alone with the opposite spouse of a person who has an obvious lustful attraction to you.  More well-meaning Christians have fallen into sexual sin because of this.  The reason Potiphar's wife was able to come on to Joseph so strong and have flesh to flesh contact was because Joseph permitted himself to be in a situation where he was alone with her.  She was probably waiting for this moment and had planned what she would do when it happen.  She knew if she could get Joseph to feel her passionate flesh pressing against his she could have him.  Joseph knew that his will power was no match for her passionate flesh and Joseph ran.  When you have intimate contact with someone of the opposite sex and it is obvious that sexual stimulation is occurring in one or both people, that is not the time to pray, take authority over the devil or speak the Word, the only way to win out over that temptation is to run!  Joseph had to do it to remain sexually pure and so will you.  The best way to prevent yourself from having this situation to address is not to put yourself in the situation to begin with. 


I have established a ground rule.  I will not permit myself to spend excessive time alone with men.  You may be asking why, don't you trust yourself.  And my response to you is the scripture admonishes us to give no place to the devil and shun the very appearance of evil.  Keeping company with the opposite sex for prolonged periods of time in your home alone has the potential of opening the door for the devil (Ephesians 4:27) and giving the appearance of evil.  (1 Thessalonians 5:22)  Your desire to want to obey these admonishments has a lot to do with the love you have for the Lord, because if you love Him you will keep his commandments.





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