Single Women Accountability

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Single Women's Accountability Program

Vision: Empower single women to live sexually pure - free from sexually immorality in thought, word and deed.


  1. Lead women to self-examination of their lifestyle through teaching practical principles that they can live out on a daily basis.
  2. Bear each others burdens as they strive to live sexually pure.
  3. Provide an environment where single women can be held accountable to living sexually pure.

Core Values

* Transparency

* Confidentiality

* Commitment

* Honesty

* Purity in motives

* Determined

* Integrity

Definition of Accountability: the process of holding single women to God's standard of sexual purity

The accountability leaders host an annual retreat for single ladies only to minister and serve them and their specific and unique needs.
The current accountability leaders are:

Accountability groups meet monthly and there is a waiting list.  New members are accepted once or twice a year.  The next orientation for new members will be held March 29 2014.  To register and receive more details about the orientation click here.  To have your name placed on the waiting list or to receive more details email us at or call 630 513-0038

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