Purpose Clinic

A hallmark of a successful single life is discovering your unique God given purpose.  Single adults that live purpose driven lives are so much more fulfilled than those that live relationship driven lives.
As part of the implementation of our mission, Singles Pleasing The Lord offers a Purpose Clinic.  This clinic allows single adults the opportunity to discover and implement their purpose.  The discovery of purpose is also tied to the accurate selection of a marriage partner.  The discovery of  your  purpose is tied to  your destiny as a single adult and also the destiny of your marriage.
The Purpose clinic gives single men and women the opportunity to discover their life gifts, spiritual gifts, personality type, values and passions.  All of these are vital components to discovering your God given purpose.
If you would like to register for the next Purpose Clinic or receive additional details about the Purpose Clinic please email us at info@singlespleasingthelord.com or call us at 630 513-0038.
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